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GARETH PUGH, Outfits from Spring/Summer womenswear collection 2018 [source: Fashionetwork.com via Pinterest] ● FLORIAN MILKER, Three brooches from the “P_series”, Stainless Steel, TiN coated, 2017 [courtesy of KLIMT02 via Pinterest].

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Nights of tourmaline

Una Meistere:  Each stone surely has its own character, and a different relationship develops with each one.
Kadri Mälk: Of course, there are physical characteristics. Some stones are harder, some are more fragile, some are, for instance, very gentle – like tourmaline, which I’m very fond of. Tourmaline has various types. It tends to have little pieces of other materials in it, which creates physical barriers – one needs to know how to cut it properly, otherwise it can crumble. For instance, black tourmaline, which is my favourite, has lots of graphite in it.

Una Meistere interviewing Kadri Mälk in “Big Dreams in Small Packages. An interview with Kadri Mälk and Tanel Veenre” published by Klimt02.

Maison Valentino 2015- Kadri Maelk, 2015

MAISON VALENTINO, Black dress from Resort collection Fall/Winter 2015 [courtesy of Valentino.com via Pinterest] ●  KADRI MÄLK,  Angel in Quandary – brooch, painted cibatool, silver, gold, black raw tourmaline, prasiolite, 2015 [Courtesy of KLIMT02 via Pinterest]


valentino pap 2018-2019

MAISON VALENTINO, Blck dress from Pret-à-Porter F/W coll.2018-2019 [source: Pinterest via Orient Palms]


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