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Reef and Gardens | new métissages

Nature always provided (and still provides) an enormous source of inspiration for fashion, arts and applied arts. From  gardens to the reef, here’s a  farandole  of luxurious beauties, a delightful panorama of artistic confluences and métissages. A marriage of techinques and different materials for a new grammar of beauty and poetry.

Because poetry is a matter of approach.

Please, enjoy!


SEUL-GI KWON, All things shining / Brooch silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, glass bead, brass 13 x 14 x 5.5 cm   and    HIROKO KOSHINO, SS  2013 COLL.

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IRIS VAN HERPEN, dress from “Micro haute Couture“, 2012 –   CAI-XUAN (Molly) WU  known as  MOLLY WU, brooch

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RAF SIMONS for CHRISTIAN DIOR,  Haute Couture  SS coll. 2013  and    SEUL-GI KWON, “Hidden Instinct”  brooch –  2012
silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, pearl, stainless steel
13 x 9 x 4 cm

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RAF SIMONS for CHRISTIAN DIOR,  Haute Couture  SS 2013 coll.   and       SEUL-GI KWON, “The part I ” brooch  –  Aug  2011
silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, wood, stainless steel
12  x  8.5  x  4.5  cm


SEUL-GI KWON, “Baek is back III” brooch l 2012
silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, pearl, stainless steel
13 x 9 x 4 cm      and    HIROKO KOSHINO, SS 2013 Coll.

a presto!


THE BLUE WAVE | Métissages for a blue monday

Some time ago I started matching contemporary jewellery with old and new fashion creations in order to create an innovative dialogue between two meanings of expression always considered as “young sisters” of the great arts as painting and sculpture. The fact is that fashion, as inevitably is, always looked to painting as the main source of inspiration: many were, during past times, the coutuoriers who took inspiration directly from arts: Ysl with his magnificent Mondriaan collection, or, nowadays, Maison Valentino with its richly embroidered gown with a scene directly taken from Lucas Cranach the Elder.


Thus the evidence of dialogue between this and that: not only to demonstrate that ideas fly, but  also to show how possible is to gain the same artistic intention with two different media.

So…it’s monday and  you know, mondayblues is terrific!!! so, again, let’s play with arts!


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MAISON VALENTINO, Haute Couture AW 2013/14 –   CAMILLA TEGLIO, Necklace: a voyage to Delft  until the great East….and back.


1399670203113DANIELA GREGIS, Blue painted dress  and  PATRICIA CORREIA DOMINGUES, Brooch, 2013:

1408826660704BIN DIXON-WARD, Blue 3D printed ring  and    MADAME PERIPETIE, DreamSequence.

 A presto,