THE REAL ALPHABET OF ME | a funny guide of your blogger

When I’m following a blog I’m always curious about the person who is behind that.  So, if  it might have happened to you of being curious about me..well… I ‘ve decided to start this guide to let you know who I am…by a funny alphabet guide (without any precise order, anyway…so be ready..it’s going  a random alphabetical guide) to satisfy your curiosity and my analysis!!!


A as ART  (see also Dutch and Flemish art history, Flemish primitives, Contemporary jewellery – forthcoming)

One cannot live without Art: whether in case of fine arts or music, movies ballet dance  literature poetry…     Really poor the one who thinks that we could and should live without them: such a boring life!

Art and artists always provided good questions for the entire world and always detected  very early the wind of change. Arts shock, overwhelm and never explain themselves: it is a mixture of collisions, shouts and silences. We are the key to understand them, admire them and, very often, be consumed.

And, as my wise friend R. once said to me, “When you’re feeling blue, sad…whenever the entire world seems not to understand you…remember that you have art. Whoever you are, if Art is in your life, it SAVES YOU” (or it damns you…)

It’s true.

B as BACH (see also Ancient and Classical Music- forthcoming)

I was twelve when classical music broke into my life: first it was with Milos Forman’s “Amadeus” and then my parents let my curiosity fly away….and I met him: Johann Sebastian Bach. The Father of us all.

As an avid listener, I had really no idea with which kind of composition I had to start listening to him so I followed my nose and the very first oeuvre I’ve ever listened of Bach was the Branderburg Concerts conducted by Yehudi Menhuin, still in my heart.

Then came Glenn Gould, his recordings, the Variations (I have almost twenty different editions of Goldberg Variations not only the two recorded by Gould)  and all the piano works that I never  get tired to listen to. And then all the cantatas, partitas,  concertos…and so on…

As it happens in literature and with books, music provides a composition for your temper, your troubles, your feelings and your mood: it is a continuous research and discover: it leads you both to ancient music and to contemporary sonorities and composers and will always be part of your life.

One thing more about Bach (and classical music): forget the fact it relaxes you! Classical music and, especially the one of Bach, always confronts you with the inner an unveiled part of you. Try with The Musical Offer and The Well-Tempered Clavier and let me know.


Really…shall I have to explain what books mean to me? Naaaaaaaaaaaaaaa…

L as LIPSTICK  (beware before reading!  It might be addictive !!!)

I do not remember where I read this news or when I’ve listened to it, but the fact is that during time of economic crisis, make-up sales reach their maximum: à la tête de la course, of course, lipsticks and nail lacquers.

No wonder about that because the overquoted Coco Chanel, once again, said the truth: “If you’re sad, add more lipstick and attack!”: nothing could be more true about me…and the lipstick.

I might tell you that my affair with lipstick always has to do with:

  • the name. Seriously speaking: could anyone resist to a “Tumultuous Pink”? Have you ever thought about what there is behind the name of a shade? It’s a promise of seduction and, furthermore, of beauty: a name has to be carefully chosen. Think to those mesmerizing names of Chanel Rouge Allure such as “La Palpitante”, “La Fougeuse” or Dior “Rose Crinoline” (to me this is an hymn to Versailles): it’s the beginning of a love story!!!
  • the shade: you know that there’s more than one red, or pink or orange…
  • The brand: choose the best and avoid dupes: high quality is always a reward (my favourites are Nars, Chanel and Tom Ford.)
  • pigmentation, duration, finish: a good quality lipstick encloses all these qualities and it will fit you at its best.

By the way, I do love collecting lipsticks and wear all of them (not all at the same time..). As for perfumes, my lipstick has to do with identity and it changes with my mood: it speaks about me and reveals how I feel.

30 lipsticks Illustration by KRISTINA HULTKRANTZ aka EMMAKISSTINA via Etsy
30 lipsticks

Therefore a good lipstick changes your face, enhances your traits, makes you feel better… and really BEAUTIFUL!

Now I know that you are in a mood for a flirty, mischievous red lipstick  so, go ahead, listen to the wise suggestions of the great Lisa Eldridge and buy the perfect ruby lipstick for you: it suits to every woman….and it is a trustworthy friend for all seasons.    And remember: retouch your lipstick when you’re all alone: a wonderful lipstick deserves closeness, confidence and intimacy, even Ovid said it once.

A presto,




Ignoro chi per prima abbia coniato il concetto di comfort food, cibo che conforta: forse Nigella Lawson con le sue delizie divine o Ruth Reichl, o forse M.F.K. Fisher...o ancora Julia Child (ma forse per Julia il vero comfort food era il burro!), ma resta il fatto che il cibo che conforta è, ovviamente,  strettamente legato al nutrimento, allo stare bene, alla necessità di qualcosa di avvolgente e di profondamente ristoratrice.                    Non sto parlando -anche per esperienza- del conforto subitaneo avuto dall’aprire il frigo e dal cercare soddisfazione immediata, acritica: sto parlando di quelle ricette che si preparano sorridendo, anche se si è stanchi; parlo di quei piatti che ti rinfrancano dopo una dura giornata e che azzerano i malesseri, le paturnie, le ansie e le giornate “no”; parlo di quei momenti particolari che festeggiamo con una ricetta che ci fa stare bene – dal toast alla pièce montée (dipende dalla scultura di sé)…..perché ogni attesa è sempre ricompensata quando si tratta di comfort food.


I do not know who first has coined the concept of comfort food, perhaps Nigella Lawson with her chocolate cakes or Ruth Reichl, or maybe MFK Fisher … or even Julia Child, but the fact remains that comfort food is closely related to nourishment, to feel good, to the need of something pleasant and cosy.  I’m not talking – by sad experience- to the sudden comfort you get opening the fridge, seeking relief uncritically, I’m talking about those recipes that you prepare smiling, even if you are tired …. Just because all expectations are always rewarded when it deals with comfort food.


E allora, più che mai adesso, nella stagione dorata che si addentra nei rigori invernali, non solo sento il bisogno di comfort food, ma di comfort mood:  di momenti  o anche rituali che chiudano con quanto di poco piacevole ho passato e che aprano finestre diverse. Lo è accendere la candela, mettermi sotto la copertina con un bel libro e le mie letture…un buon tea, un bel film…parlare.     Rammento una vecchia amica di famiglia che, nonostante la casa ridotta in macerie dai lavori, riusciva a raccogliere tutta la sua tranquillità ricamando: concentrarsi sul ricamo l’aiutava a non pensare. Forse, in realtà, la ricerca del proprio comfort mood  non è il fuggire i problemi che ci assillano nel quotidiano, ma  trovare piacevole il quotidiano stesso….perché a volte, pur se salvifico, esso può diventare una gabbia.


E allora, qual è il vostro COMFORT MOOD? Come vi ricompensate? Quale la vostra ricetta per combattere il grigiore? Siete di quelli della libroterapia? Della Filmoterapia? Scriveteci! Ditecelo!

C’è chi, infatti, riguarda un bel film e chi rilegge: nel mio comfort mood, per esempio, le riletture hanno uno spazio generoso: quando non è momento di prendere in mano un libro nuovo (accade) cerco e torno a Oscar Wilde: chi potrebbe mai stancarsi di Earnest?    Quando ho bisogno di un “viaggio” tra le belle cose d’arte che mi appassionano, apro gli scritti di Roberto Longhi o cerco un articolo di Mario Praz; oppure, il più delle volte, vado a fare un passeggiata nel Barsetshire….ma, appunto, dipende dal momento.   E…giusto per dare un’idea: la mia amica Francesca, tra un libro e l’atro, rilegge sapientemente Agatha Christie o Fred Vargas: perché alla fine è come ritrovare  dei vecchi amici (oops! ma questo non lo avevo già scritto in un altro post?!).


And now, more than ever,  during the golden season that creeps into winter , I’m not only in need of comfort food , but also of  comfort mood: moments or even rituals  that give me closeness, pleasantness: nourishment for my soul.  Such as reading, talking…lighting a candle..a well arranged tea.       Moreover,  I think that probably, looking  for one’s own comfort is not a way to escape problems that hassle us day by day, but trying to live pleasantly everyday life …. because sometimes routine, even though protecting , could easily become a cage.

So, then, how about your COMFORT MOOD ? How do you reward  yourself? What is your recipe to replenish your moments with fulfillment? To me, for instance, is take  very ofetn a stroll on the Barsetshire…

Are  you for booktherapy o for filmtherapy? Please, let us know …and write!



Non c’è un vero e proprio libro sul comfort food, come non c’è una ricetta che ne dia l’esatta qualità e ne definisca l’essenza: ciascuno di noi ha il proprio cibo che conforta, ma se voleste saperne di più ecco un personale percorso di libri, scritti e figure che sul food hanno detto e dicono molto di più di quanto ci possa aspettare da una serie di ingredienti.

  •   Maddalena Caruso, Love Italian Food, Jacqui Small Publishing ;
  •  Nigella Lawson, How to be a domestic Goddess (tr.it DELIZIE DIVINE, Luxury books);
  •   Nigella Lawson, Nigella Express , Luxury books;
  •   Ruth Reichl , La parte più tenera, Ponte alle Grazie;
  •  Ruth Reichl , Confortatemi con le mele, Ponte alle Grazie;
  • Ruth Reichl , Aglio e zaffiri, Ponte alle Grazie; Ruth Reichl , Mai come mi madre, Ponte alle Grazie;
  •  Giuseppe Conte – Maria Rosa Teodori, La Cucina dell’anima. 99 ricette sapienziali, Ponte alle Grazie;
  •  L. Barr, PROVENCE, 1970. M.F.K. Fisher, Julia Child, James Beard, and the Reinvention of American Taste, Clarckson Potter Publishing;
  • M.F. K. FISHER, Biografia sentimentale dell’ostrica, Neri Pozza; Editore M.F. K. FISHER, Love in a dish and other pieces, Penguin Great Food;
  • Julia Child- Alex Proud’Homme, My life in France, Anchor Books;
  • Julia Child, Mastering the art of French Cooking, voll. 1-2, Penguin;
  •  Gabrielle Hamilton, Sangue, Ossa e Burro. L’educazione involontaria di uno Chef, Bompiani;

Anche per il comfort mood non c’è una ricetta, come ho scritto più su, ognuno ha il proprio, però in fatto di letture che possano rincuorare, ristorare, e darvi una mano ecco un paio titoli

  •   Erin Blakemore, La biblioteca delle donne, Orme;
  •   Ella Berthoud – Susan Elderkin, Curarsi con i libri, Sellerio;

A presto,