Reef and Gardens | new métissages

Nature always provided (and still provides) an enormous source of inspiration for fashion, arts and applied arts. From  gardens to the reef, here’s a  farandole  of luxurious beauties, a delightful panorama of artistic confluences and métissages. A marriage of techinques and different materials for a new grammar of beauty and poetry.

Because poetry is a matter of approach.

Please, enjoy!


SEUL-GI KWON, All things shining / Brooch silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, glass bead, brass 13 x 14 x 5.5 cm   and    HIROKO KOSHINO, SS  2013 COLL.

1396105857619 (1)

IRIS VAN HERPEN, dress from “Micro haute Couture“, 2012 –   CAI-XUAN (Molly) WU  known as  MOLLY WU, brooch

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RAF SIMONS for CHRISTIAN DIOR,  Haute Couture  SS coll. 2013  and    SEUL-GI KWON, “Hidden Instinct”  brooch –  2012
silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, pearl, stainless steel
13 x 9 x 4 cm

1396382271146 (1)

RAF SIMONS for CHRISTIAN DIOR,  Haute Couture  SS 2013 coll.   and       SEUL-GI KWON, “The part I ” brooch  –  Aug  2011
silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, wood, stainless steel
12  x  8.5  x  4.5  cm


SEUL-GI KWON, “Baek is back III” brooch l 2012
silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, pearl, stainless steel
13 x 9 x 4 cm      and    HIROKO KOSHINO, SS 2013 Coll.

a presto!


MY LIFE IN PINK | La mia vita in rosa

Well, I’ve finally decided  to fight the ordinary grey shades of my life with a pink twist. I know I’m bit a late after Picasso, but, as Diana Vreeland always said, “Pink is the blue navy of India” so…that’s it, my decision came quite naturally and I’ve started living my life in pink for a while!

Gennaio è forse il più crudele dei mesi (e non altri) così ho finalmente deciso di combattere le cinquanta e p sfumature di grigio della mia vita con un tocco di rosa. So di essere un po’ in ritardo dopo Picasso, ma, come Diana Vreeland diceva sempre: “Il rosa è il blu navy of India” così …  ho cominciato la mia vita in rosa per un po ‘!

Let’s start from the shoes: these are Anna Baiguera‘s ballerinas: they’re famous as Porselli and they are good as their french cousins Repetto. My fav shade? The one you can see below, a lovely framboise electro-cool nuance.

Cominciamo dalle scarpe: quelle qui sotto sono le ballerine di Anna Baiguera: conosciute quanto le Porselli e deliziose quanto le cugine francesi Repetto, le ho scelte in una nuance framboise electro-cool….

Framboise Electro Cool

And of course jewellery!  |  Potevano mancare delle spille?!

Amazing brooches by TANEL VEENRE ….

Pink Trophy
TANEL VEENRE, Pink Trophy: a mesmerizing elegy on cosmic dust. And Pink.



A FOREST OF PHANTASM I, brooch, 2012 – Silicone, pigment, plastic, thread, pearl, stainless steel.

Of course I’m thinking about home decoration: why not arrange a rose wall decoration? A farandole des roses is always a good solution: the one below is via LOLITA SAYS SO.

La farandole des roses.

Last, but not least

Keep Calm and stay pinkIt helps, sometimes.

A presto