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SILENT LANDSCAPES | Friday inspiration

Solitude is not loneliness because…

“the greatest thing in the world is to know how to belong to oneself”   Michel de Montaigne

JUDY McCAIG, Silent shadow, brooch 2015


JUDY McCAIG, Silent Shadow, brooch ,2015 – courtesy of KLIMT02

ULRICH RIEDEL, installation

ULRICH RIEDEL, (UP)Rooted, wall installation – 2013 – courtesy of BerlinArtProjects

Judy McCaig Brooch Silent Shadows, 2015

             JUDY McCAIG, Silent Spring, brooch – courtesy of KLIMT02

For MICHEL DE MONTAIGNE  see also Sarah Bakewell’s blog and book

” La più grande cosa al mondo è saper essere per sé ”  Michel de Montaigne

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