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Be opened to other territories

Today, artistic jewellery sits within the realm of fine arts debate; however its position within a history of traditional trade emphasize the role of its material . If there is anything that defines contemporary jewellery, it is the connection with material; a connection that resonates with its primitive roots. For centuries, jewellers have experimented with materials in order to understand the ways in which their hands can transform material into physical object that can be touched and caressed.  But the contemporary jeweler doesn’t not only work in dialogue with physical materials like stone, metal and plastic; instead, they are open to other territories, where the materials are made of doubts and desires, curiosities and fears, uncertainties, and reiterations of unexpected innovations.

Ramón Puig Cuyàs

Extract from ROBERTA BERNABEI,  “Contemporary Jewellers. Interviews with European Artits”, London, Bloomsbury, 2003, p. 174

Ramon Puig Cuyas - Oscar de l arenta 2RAMÓN PUIG CUYÀS, Brooch 1699 –  Oxidized nickel silver, enamel on steel, gold leaf and fossil stone.. 7 x 7 x 1.5 cm. From series: The Maps of the Forest series, 2017 [photo credit: Klimt02]OSCAR DE LA RENTA, Dress from Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2018 collection [source: via Pinterest]

Ramon P-Cuyas - Oscar de la renta 1RAMÓN PUIG CUYÀS, Two brooches from the series Walled Garden, 2004-2005 [Source: Pinterest] ♦ OSCAR DE LA RENTA, Dress from Ready-to-Wear Spring/Summer 2018 collection [source : via Pinterest]

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Diederik van Hovell - BONNIE YOUNG

DIEDERICK VAN HOVELL, Nana – brooch, recycled plexi and cotton thread [source: Artist’s website via Pinterest] ♦  BY. BONNIE YOUNG, Yellow striped dress form Ready-To-Wear Spring/Summer collection 2019 [source: via Pinterest]


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